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Are You Getting Enough Salt?

Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Natural Healthy Sea Salt

Natural Salt for Health

Sounds strange doesn’t it?  One would swear that salt is a 4 letter word with all the “medical” recommendations for a low sodium diet.  Actually, what most people use for salt (table salt) is a highly refined sodium chloride.  It doesn’t even resemble natural salt which is sea salt or from ancient salt deposits (from former seas or oceans).

True salt contains every mineral the body needs.  Salt water minerals are even in the exact proportions the body requires – how perfect is that?  My revelation was being on a “healthy” low fat, low sodium, high fiber diet – I was constipated – it didn’t make sense!  I read an article from a natural health practitioner that said constipation can be from lack of salt in one’s diet.  I drank a glass of salt water and the next day I was fine.

Highly refined salt is stripped of all the other minerals and you are left with sodium chloride and some chemicals to keep it dry and from clumping – (love those non-natural chemicals in my foods).  This form of “salt” is toxic and out of balance (sodium / potassium balance is important – as is calcium / magnesium balance) with what our bodies require.  They add iodine to table salt because it is stripped out and it is very important to health – iodized salt.  The sodium chloride form of salt can raise blood pressure.  It is not natural, you don’t need it.

Real salt is good for you and there is no need to watch how much you consume.  Look for a good sea salt or crystal form like Himalayan sea salt (an ancient salt deposit).  Salt does not need to be white.  Often it is gray in color or even pink – that is from the minerals.  Sea salt can even be damp – that is natural.

As always, it is only when humans “refine and improve” something that it becomes unnatural and it’s benefits fade.  Natural salt is one of the things that should be left as is so you can reap it’s benefits and should be in your salt shaker.

You can actually die from lack of salt.  Think about it, when you sweat, you are losing salt – right?  Without replacing it, you are subjecting your body to functioning without electrolytes.  When athletes sweat a lot their muscles cramp up from lack of salt which are electrolytes.  Electrolytes conduct electricity.  Our nervous system and cells communicate via electricity and chemical reactions.  No essential bodily chemicals, no action or reactions. The body’s symphony of of cellular communication and coordinated processes cease.

So use common sense when “authorities” tell you to do something that just does not make sense.  Salt is necessary and vital to health.  Stop feeling guilty – just use healthy sea salt!