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Health Care Reform or Destruction?

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform

I cannot believe what Washington is trying to shove down our throats in the name of health care reform.  In every way it provides less care, less options, less treatments, rationing, longer waits, fewer procedures, costs more, forcing public funded abortion, unionizing 20% of our economy to buy votes, dictating what treatments you can receive, providing health care to non-citizens on our dime, they can kick you out of their program if you disagree with them and on and on and on…

One of the few with some common sense

Why do we have to trash what is working for 85% of Americans in order to cover the 15% that don’t have health insurance?  I don’t recall anywhere in the Constitution that the federal government is required to provide anything but security for this nation.  That being said, there are better options than taking away from the mass majority to provide for the minority of uninsured – especially those that do not work because they choose not to.

Why has congress opted out of this program if it is so wonderful?  It is good enough for everyone but them.  Even President Obama says he would not participate in this socialized medicine program.  Call it what it is, Socialized medicine.  Look how well it is working in Canada and the UK.  Panels that determine what your life is worth and whether you get life saving treatment or not.

Did I mention these socialized programs are going broke?  What then?  Where are we going to come up with doctors for 46 million additional people?  Who would want to become a doctor when the government  decides to save health care dollars by limiting your salary (it is in the plan).

Don’t allow this administration to take away ANOTHER right from you.  We are losing our rights at an unprecedented rate in the history of the United States of America.  Take a stand for your health care freedom and all your freedoms (at least the one’s that are left).