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Health Tips for 2010

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Health Tips

Health Tips for 2010 and Beyond

Health Tips for 2010 and Beyond

It is another new year and time to make some New Years Resolutions.  One of the most important and within everyone’s control is health and wellness.  Very attainable and easy to implement.  Depending upon your current state of health, genetics, age and physical status will determine what you need to do and how aggressively you need to pursue it.

What You Need to Be Healthy:

  • Nutrition
  • Rest/Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Detoxification
  • Stress Management

Nutrition is the fuel and building blocks for repair and growth of the body.  Your body is a symphony of chemical actions and reactions.  Like a recipe, one missing ingredient and the result is not as good as intended.  One missing or deficient vitamin or mineral can interfere with bodily functions and processes.

Food should be the primary source of nutrition for the body.  Supplementation helps fill in the gaps as our food today is not as nutritious as in the past – depleted soils, chemical fertilizers, mega-farming, food processing stripping out nutrients…  Animals loaded with hormones, antibiotics, toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides are all detrimental to human health.  Water polluted with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hormones – all of which adversely affect bodily processes.

Nutition Plan

  • Drink filtered water
  • Eat organic when possible – grass fed/free range animals
  • Take a food based multivitamin daily
  • Supplement according to your body’s needs
  • Additional supplementation of:
  • vitamin D3 (5000iu)
  • vitamin C 2000mg+

By taking 5000iu of Vitamin D3 and 2+ grams of vitamin c daily, I have not been sick at all.  My family and my coworkers all have been sick a couple of times this winter alone – colds, flu, swine flu (H1N1)…  If I feel a tickle in my throat, I take a couple extra grams of vitamin C, an allicin (garlic) immune booster and beat it before I get sick.  I have not used a sick day at work in years!


Everyone is a little different in their sleep requirements but generally need 8 hours of quality sleep.  The majority of bodily repairs and growth occurs during sleep.  It is a “recharging” of the body.

Sleep Tips

  • Do not eat anything 2+ hours before bedtime
  • Train yourself to stop thoughts while laying down
  • Eliminate noises and distractions
  • Go to bed the same time every night


The human body is meant to move and several bodily processes are assisted by moving:

  • Digestion/Elimination
  • Lymph movement
  • Circulation
  • Detoxification…

It does not take hours a day to achieve the benefits of exercise.  If done correctly, 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough to become fit and healthy.

Quick Fitness Tips

  • Build your heart and lungs with oxygen deprivation exercises
  • Sprinting, sprinting up stairs or a hill
  • Short intense bursts of up to 2 minutes until you are breathing heavy
  • Any heavy weight lifting that makes you breathe hard

The key here is to push yourself to oxygen deprivation (to the point of breathing hard).  This forces your heart and lungs to improve efficiency and capacity.  With a strong heart and lungs you will feel almost invincible.


In our polluted world (especially indoor air pollution) and contaminated food and water supplies make detoxing important.  There are several methods to do this but 2 of the best are sweating/sauna and chlorophyll (algae – chlorella, grasses – wheatgrass, Kamut…)

Consume a chlorophyl green drink or tablets
Sit in a sauna or exercise in the heat and sweat out toxins

Stress Management / Stress Relief

Long term stress is accumulative and interferes with hormonal levels.  Cortisone being the main stress hormone but other hormones are involved as well.  Much of how we handle stress is determined by our mindsets and beliefs.  How one chooses to allow external factors affect one self is very powerful.  Generally, if it is outside of your control – let it be.  Do not focus on anything negative, try to see a positive for every situation or tell yourself – this will pass.

Tools for Stress Reduction

  • Deep controlled breathing
  • Meditation
  • Bio-feedback
  • hypnotism
  • exercise

Notice how exercise covers, physical fitness, detoxing and stress (and more)?  That is 3 major benefits in one!  Find a way to incorporate this in your daily routine.  Entire books are written on each of these areas so for brevity I am passing along the main points of wellness.

To recap – Give your body:

  • The nutrition it requires
  • The rest/sleep it requires
  • The exercise/movement it requires
  • The detoxification it requires
  • The stress management / stress relief it requires

What to Avoid

Just as important as what to provide your body for good health is what to avoid.  Here are some of the biggest health threat offenders:

  • Sugar & HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) – diabetes, obesity…
  • Artificial sweeteners (excitotoxins – kills brain cells)
  • Highly processed foods (nutritionally empty calories)
  • Junk foods (high calorie, low nutrition, bad for gut bacteria…)
  • Sodas, fruit drinks (empty calories and HFCS or artificial sweeteners)
  • Fake fats – trans fats – margarine, vegetable oil, canola oil, hydrogenated oils…
  • Chlorinated water, fluoridated water

Do this and you will be healthier than 99% of the world.  Be the top 1 percent, feel great, accomplish much and be happier!

Health Secrets

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Health Secrets or Lack of Knowledge?

Health Secrets or Lack of Knowledge?

Health secrets – what are they and why are they secret?  Actually they are not secret at all, just not well known.  Even most medical doctors lack the knowledge to obtaining and maintaining good health.  It is not taught in medical school or their other college courses.  It is not taught in our public schools so how would we know how to obtain optimum health?  The knowledge is not provided by any government agency, how would one know?

Yes the government and other health related agencies push their agendas and mediocre at best health tips and advice.  The food pyramid is a perfect example of bad information.  Recently revised food pyramid pushes carbohydrates, tells people to shy away from meats and fats which are essential to good health (sorry vegetarians – you are operating under bad knowledge).  Too many carbs are bad.  Notice how we are getting fatter and heart disease, cancer and diabetes is growing?

How many times have they retracted their statements on health?  Eggs are bad – nope eggs are good, butter and lard are bad, use margarine and vegetable oil – wait, margarine and vegetable oil are hydrogenated oil / trans-fat – causes inflammation clogs your arteries and veins.  Dairy must be pasteurized and homogenized(per FDA) – changing the milk into Franken-proteins which wreak havoc on our digestive systems and bodies – not to mention the antibiotics and hormones pumped into the cows.  Milk is not even a good source of absorbable calcium.  This “health knowledge” is pushed by whoever funds the study (profit or control is the motive) – not your best interest.

With our ever increasing knowledge of health, why the increase in allergies, heart disease, digestive problems, diabetes, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety…  Why the need for drugs which only treat symptoms, they don’t fix a thing.  Ever look at the over the counter drugs in the grocery store?  At least an entire isle is set aside for heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, pain, female issues, allergies, colds, coughs – the list goes on and on.  There is more money in treating symptoms – if you cure the illness or affliction, you are no longer a customer.

What are Health Secrets?

Genuine health tips that work.  Here are the building blocks of good health:

  • Nutrition – Our bodies require nutrients to function properly

Nutrition – protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and many more are all required for optimal health.  Like a recipe, 1 missing ingredient and the dish is not as good – same with your health.  Nutrition from our food is the best source if you can find or afford organically grown  fruits and vegetables, organically raised, grass fed livestock and chickens…  Natural based nutritional supplementation must fill in the gaps.

  • Exercise – Our bodies need to move

Blood circulation, lymph movement, digestion and detoxification are all improved with exercise.  Compare it to a car that hasn’t moved in some time – seals dry out, fluids break down, corrosion all occur without movement.

  • Toxins – Removal of the unnatural poisons in our body that man has created

Man has created over 70,000 chemicals, many of which are unhealthy, causing disease, inflammation, DNA damage and cellular death.  These toxins are consumed in the air we breath, water and food we consume and every other un-natural product we consume, bath in or put upon our body.

  • Pathogens – Removal of bad germs, viruses, fungus, yeasts and parasites

This may be the one exception where a drug can cure rather than just mask the symptoms although there are many effective natural alternatives to drugs.  Notice I said bad germs / bacteria, our digestive system and immune systems require “good bacteria” in our gut to assimilate nutrition from our food and displace or kill  bad bacteria, yeasts, food poisoning…  The good bacteria in our gut is said to comprise 80% of our immune function.

  • Mindset – Positive attitude, relieve stress, promote happiness, have purpose

Our minds are very powerful influences on our health.  Psychosomatic illnesses are negative manifestations of our thoughts/mindset and are very real.  A strong will to survive, abundant happiness and positive thinking go far in maintaining health and relieving stress – another killer.

Genuine Health

To have genuine health you must educate yourself in the areas of natural health and self improvement. Don’t fall for every fad or “miracle supplement” out there but filter it with common sense and more natural health information. There is a lot of good information out there and a lot of crap. A good all around natural health website to visit is There are many good ones out there, some require subscriptions. I have 7 natural health subscriptions to various print and online information websites. For me, it has improved my health immensely and is well worth it. Read some books, go online and find some health secrets.